Hello! I'm Anthony, and I want to share my message with the world!

The times we're living in today can be tough. You can feel that you're alone, that nobody is there to support you, but you're wrong. I’m here to help you through your mental health problems along with bad habits. I show you the importance of spiritual health, as well on how to balance everything. 

I'll help you see through the rainy days and search for a beam of light that will raise you up. 

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Even though you stand alone, you stand bright and strong. You bloom through the toughest weathers. You stand bright even though everything around you is dead.


1 Second 7 Days

About my book.

In my book, “1 Second 7 Days” I talk about my life. I wrote how I grew up how I had to survive in the hood. A lot were not taught the right things about life. Only about our day to day life. Everyone in the hood is not heard we don’t have a voice. There is so much creativity, love, heart, motivation and dedication. I believe we deserve the same opportunity as everyone else.

Get it today and let's begin our journey together and change the world.


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